Color Science and Shade Matching

Speaker: Dr. Chad Anderson, MS, DMD

Although there have been continuous improvements in esthetic all-ceramic restorations including technological advances in CAD CAM restorations and Lithium Disilicates.  The esthetic outcome that you can achieve, regardless of restorative material or method, will only be as good as your ability to match the shade of the adjacent dentition.  There are numerous factors to consider when performing this repetitive and overlooked daily task.  Complacency during this critical step will yield marginal outcomes that can be frustrating, costly and confidence degrading to you and your patient.  This lecture will give you an overview of the areas of color science, shade matching and laboratory communication that pertain to the general dentist.  During this lecture you will learn valuable and simple alterations to your shade taking protocol that will make a significant difference in your esthetic restorative outcomes.