Adhesive Dentistry & Direct Restoratives: Is Newer Always Better?

Speaker: Dr. Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD

This lecture reviews new materials and techniques in an effort to improve our treatment outcomes. As new generations of bonding agents and restoratives are being introduced the question is: are they better than the older products? What are the limitations of the self etch bonding agents? We will discuss these new materials and how they can help us produce better more long lasting bioactive and protective restorations as well as improve our bonding results

Topics Covered:

  • Advantages & disadvantages of the different generations of bonding
  • Self etch and enamel bonds
  • Avoiding post operative sensitivity
  • 6th and 7th generation bonding: are they really better?
  • Bioactive direct restoratives & liners, 3 step anterior and 2 step posterior composite layering
  • Long-term maintenance

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learning to improve bonding techniques
  2. Learning to improve composite esthetics
  3. Review of recent bonding data