Adhesive Dentistry & Bioactive Materials

Speaker: Dr. Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD

There is a plethora of bonding agents and cements on the market. This lecture reviews new materials and techniques in an effort to improve our treatment outcomes from prevention to restoration highlighting the new class of bioactive/biomimetic materials. We will review techniques and tools to enhance the long-term maintenance of your patient’s dentition and helping prevent the need or future restoration. Questions are arising as to the longevity and appropriateness of our current resin material systems and the new generation of bonding agents. Researchers have begun to develop advanced acid-base restorative alternatives to help with the limitations we see with our restorative and luting needs. We will discuss these new materials and how they can help us produce better more long lasting bioactive and protective restorations as well as improve our bonding results.

Topics covered:

  • Advantages & disadvantages of the different generations of bonding
  • Self etch and enamel bonds
  • Avoiding post operative sensitivity
  • Research data
  • 6th and 7th Generation bonding, are they really better?
  • Understand why resin bonded restorations and bonding systems are being questioned
  • Learn what bioactive materials are and how they work

Learning Objectives:

  1.  Learning to improve bonding techniques
  2. Learning to avoid post-op problems
  3. Review recent bonding data
  4. Learn what bioactive materials are