Adhesive Bonding & Direct Composites Made Easy

Speaker: Dr. Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD

course description:

This course will review new materials and techniques in an effort to improve treatment outcomes. As new generations of bonding agents are introduced, the questions become: Are the new bonding agents better than the older products? What are the limitations of self-etch bonding agents? What is a bioactive filling material, and do I need it? How do I best protect the pulp? Finally, composite layering techniques for anterior and posterior composite restorations will be discussed. The hands-on portion of this course will include the placement of bioactive liners and restoratives, pulp-capping options, the layering of anterior composites to maximize esthetics, avoiding postoperative sensitivity, and the layering of three-step anterior and two-step posterior composite restorations.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn to improve bonding techniques.
  • Learn to improve composite esthetics.
  • Become familiar with recent bonding data.